Specialization can help your IT business grow. Specialization can reap huge dividends.  This webinar takes a look at how one IT Company refocused its business to deliver IT services to a particular vertical market.

In this presentation, GFI's Chris Martin is joined by Brad Kendall. They talk about how specialization helped Brad make more money with his IT Company, provide better service, and reclaim his personal life.

Brad Kendall's e-book, "From a Commodity to an Expert", normally USD$9.95, can be downloaded from our documents page here

Brad Kendall (www.bradkendall.ca) is a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 10 years of experience in the ever-changing, fast-paced, dynamic technology industry. He currently operates three highly successful businesses including an IT consulting firm, a digital software and hardware company and a firm that develops mobile and SaaS applications.

43.00 minutes

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